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More Than A Rib is a life style movement that is being delivered as a series of books, free forums, blogs, events, and social media. I believe in addressing the root of the issue versus the symptom. More Than A Rib mission is to provide resources to improve the quality of traditional and non-traditional family life. The movement is about admitting, committing, and submitting. It dials down into a brutal honesty assessment that involves mental and physical wellness and growth that empowers and educates the family unit.

More Than a Rib is more than a journey to healing, empowerment, and perspective. Souls, hearts, and thought processes need healing. Healing that is in the form of revelation. More Than a Rib is that revelation. This movement is an important resource and tool. It is powerful and insightful.  The plight of the family unit will always change and More Than Rib Movement will be the dedicated remedy to everyday life opportunities. More Than a Rib will have installments to address most issues.

If we can improve the individuals in the family, we can improve the collective family. If we improve the individual family, we can improve the collective block. If we improve the individual block we can improve the collective community and so on. We will attempt tp address all needs and issues.  Managing and helping black lives mattering can tend to be overwhelming .  So if we miss something, do not be afraid to email us an we will do our best to provide necessary information. We are here for you. We will evolve as life evolves. This evolvement will be permanently and continually based on health wellness, information dissemination, and reach one and teach one as it relates to individual and family growth.


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" More Than A Rib is a life style movement that will be delivered in a series of books, free forums, blogs, and social media "    " Two Black Authors Release New Book on How They Had The Audacity to Change The Dynamic of the Family Unit "
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