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Developing Opportunities For Personal Enrichment

Mentorship bridges the gap between people, growth, and empowerment. We must deposit a value system into the family. We must reach boys and females while they are young. The young black male and female demographic is an at-risk community within itself that needs structure and the presence of responsible adult examples of a males and females.

DMS: Dope mentoring sessions are a new division of MTAR. DMS will facilitate to preteen, teen, adolescent, and young adult at risk and not at risk lifestyles.

Our vision is to effectively be a resource in the community that can provoke and inspire fertile minds to plant seeds, plan goals, and dream big #change. We want to relay that there is nothing that is impossible with not HARD but SMART work and that we have to function with character, integrity, common sense, street sense, and flexibility.

Our goal is to impact as many young lives as we can through the influence of positive role models, interactive group sessions, pointing out and addressing negative behavior and positive reinforcement simply trying to do better

The mission of the ARN GROUP DOPE (Developing Opportunity and Personal Enrichment) Program is to provide youth who are at risk (physical, mental, and economic) with a safe, relatable, and accountable form and example of role model via class room training, discussions, and groups that are founded in best practices and social and cognitive skills awareness.

We deliver these skills and practices through power points, social media, audio, and visual examples and one on one sessions. The goal of this program is to prevent at-risk youth from becoming victims of child abuse, running away, peer pressure, suicide, dropping out of school, or from entering into delinquent and unproductive behavior.  We will work within the structure of the platforms given to us as no platform is to great when it comes to the welfare of our children.

The mentoring sessions will be a structured to the clients needs. We will focuses on education(STEM). More importantly we will focus on life challenges, character building, social skills, cognitive skills, life skills, and faith. We believe that when you deal with life, everything else is fairly manageable.  We want boys and girls to grow into well rounded men and women. We also want God fearing boys and girls and the opposite to grow into God fearing men and women that acknowledge the profound realization that the power of God is in them. I also realize everyone is not religious and we want to also instill the path of spirutality with those who are not beleivers.

Whenever possible we would like to hold sessions on the weekend. We will hold session to fit around the individual or collective schedule whether school grounds durng school or a location of of school or church grounds. I want the atmosphere to be comfortable to afford a at least a chance of tearing down walls and replacing those walls with growth, security, and empowerment. We will mentor through breakout sessions and activities on Saturday. Then we will attend a church service on Sunday. I will prvide an alternative activity for those that are not comfortable with church. We will provide lunch after the church service or activity to fellowship and network between parents, mentees, and mentors. I will work with the challenge curriculum.


Increased college enrollment

Improved parent child relationships

Development of young men and women equipped with the mental ability to make responsible decisions that will affect their communities and their professional and personal livelihood.

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