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More Than A Rib: A Woman's Inspiration for Perspective. Healing. Empowerment (Volume 1)

$21.99 each

MTAR is not just another self-help book it is a way of life. A way of life that focuses on accepting and growing from your imperfections. Are you perfectly imperfect? If so, join the movement and become wonderfully functional in your mental and physical being. Stop addressing the symptoms and start addressing the roots. More Than a Rib is a journey to perspective, healing, and empowerment. Souls, hearts, and minds need healing. Healing that is in the form of revelation and More Than a Rib is that revelation. This movement is a powerful and insightful resource and tool of structure. The movement is far from one dimensional as it focuses on man, woman, and child. This lifestyle movement will be delivered in a series of books, free forums, and social media. More Than A Rib will provide resources to improve the quality of individual and family life through dissemination of information. The movement is about admitting, committing, submitting, and correcting behavior that is detrimental to your existence. It’s time for that brutal honesty self-check so you can get back to what God has in store for you. More Than A Rib is here.

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