Surviving The Mirror is a visual and audio performance peace followed by a panel dialogue and breakout sessions that discuss the reality and dynamic of certain taboos that women and men bury deep inside and are afraid or embarrassed to talk about. Unfortunately, these hidden taboos affect our self-esteem, relationships, lifestyle, and life choices. This production takes a deep look into domestic assault, sexual assault, divorce, and single parent households as it relates to the mental, physical, individual, and collective effects on men, women, children, the performer, and specifically the audience.

The panel dialogue will be facilitated/moderated/hosted by the Rickie Chaffold. The panel dialogue allows real questions to be shared with the audience and explored by the panelist in real time and allows each panelist to share their best practices of overcoming pain, stress, and opportunities that come with surviving their perspective taboos.

The dialogue will result in one of the most enriching and organic healing interactions that an audience will encounter simply because of the platform that is provided to talk about and (finally) address these taboos. This real platform sets up an unforgettable stage for those that are burdened to release pain, heartache, anxiety, stress, and un-forgiveness by unlearning and learning. This will be a powerful group therapy that will help those who choose to release and seek further assistance down the line. More Than A Rib will provide those down the line resources if necessary.

Surviving The mirror is about surviving you, your failures, your successes, your smiles, and your frowns. It’s about identifying beauty in and through your pain. When you look in the mirror it is time to see the superman or superwoman that overcame by overstanding your purpose. The mere fact that you are still standing here ready to show the world that “it “did not get the best of you is a testament to your strength, your resilience, and your future.



  • Onney (Lanora Laws)

    Onney (Lanora Laws)

    The Poetic Diva, addresses a wide range of life’s issues that concern us all. She is an insightful hip – hop poetess who uses her silky vocal skills and the stroke of the pen to take us into the love and hate reality of today’s current social climate. Her observations and her conversation let her audience know that she is wise beyond her years. The humility and passion in her expression will hold the attention of any man or woman that appreciates sincerity. Onney is an author spoken word artist, actress, model and songwriter. She addresses social, political, spiritual, romantic and comical issues through the art of song, spoken, word and literature. What Poetry Means to Onney… “Poetry and song defines the intellectual capacity of ones being. It is the prophecy of one’s thoughts, dreams, hopes and aspirations.

  • Jem the Poet (Jamesetta)

    Jem the Poet (Jamesetta)

    Founder of Jus Poetry ministries, has been acting as long as she can remember. Her mother had her in drama ever since she was able to speak. Her first memory of falling in love with the arts is when her mother put the book “Green eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss in her hand at 1978 at 3 years old. The first poem Jamesetta ever read was by Langston Hughes who became her favorite poet and changed her life. She is a spectacular host, hosting at spots like Escape, Midtown lounge, and Yoga House. She has been featured in various plays tilted “Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Was Enuff, Little Shop of Horrors, The Women of the Bible-Choices- Which Road Will You Choose, and Star Trek. Presently, she is the CEO of Jus Poetry ministries that showcases poetry events in Houston and abroad and dedicates the organization to outreach programs such as the NOIZ program for kidnapped children, Poets Pick Up Your piece (ministry against teen violence), Touch and Tell (program against molestation),The Least of These (ministry helping the homeless) and I am Sarah Bartman-Women Empowerment.



    Born Tasialiana Carter was born on May 7, 1994. She’s been writing since the age of 13 and recently started performing in the Houston area after moving from Las Vegas in 2015. From open mic to open mic, SLAPS has been continuing her growth as a lyricist and performer. She opened for local Houston singer, Susan Carol and the Flight of the Phoenix a poetry show presented by the Poetry Den. She has been very active touching mics at VIBE Sports Lounge, SugarHill, Dolce, and Engine Room. She has been mostly motivated and supported by veterans of Poetry Lounge Houston and plans to continue her dream as a spoken word artist in Houston. She is releasing her first poetry album in 2017 entitled “My Little Pink Book”, amongst various other projects and features. What keeps her going besides the reminders from her loving family is “If it were easy, everyone would do it”.

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How to Survive the Mirror:

Defining your taboo and getting help: We often are passive in accepting and claiming our opportunity. This breakout sessions is a basic life skills guidance into aggressively admitting your opportunity, submitting to a higher power and or resource to navigate a healthy resolution, and committing to a plan of action to resolve your opportunity.

Signing your own permission slip:

We often get caught up in looking for empathy or sympathy from others in resolving our opportunities. We look for others to help us in or cosign our wow as me attitudes and indulge in our self-thrown pity parties. This breakout sessions is about signing your own permission slip to heal and then heal from an inside out versus an outside in perspective. People are giving the outside universe too much control in self enriched process. It’s all about realizing that you have a unique power in your own healing and respecting that unique power in processing day to day choices involved in your healing.

Healing through forgiving:

We are always hearing that you imprison yourself by not forgiving. Not forgiving gives a person and situation power over your life, specifically healthy decision making, when you harbor and do not address the collective matter (person and situation). This breakout session provides a few realistic best practices in forgiving and managing that forgiveness.

Perspective and infinite possibilities:

Change your perspective and change your life. Our opportunity has affected our vision and therefore has affected our perspective on life. This breakout sessions is the brutal honesty visual adjustment to how one is seeing and how one could be seeing and how the change in perspective can save and usually increase the quality of life.

Healthy relationships:

Most do not know what a healthy relationship is. That is why they continue to indulge in behavior that is detrimental to their well being. This breakout session provides a detailed look into what healthy relationships are and are not between the many different people that we have relationships with.

Communication, dating, and family:

One mistake that most people trying to heal make is trying to take on the journey of healing by yourself. While some people do not need to know, others are in the “need to know” category. We keep our healing a secret when we need to communicate to our inner circle what we are going through and how they can help in the recovery process. The people closet to us are often left in peculiar situations as we deal with our growing/healing pains and they need to know what you are going through to shorten the journey for you and to ease it for themselves. This breakout session will assist with healthy and timely communication.

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