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Surviving The Mirror is a visual and audio performance peace followed by a panel dialogue and breakout sessions that discuss the reality and dynamic of certain taboos that women and men bury deep inside and are afraid or embarrassed to talk about. Unfortunately, these hidden taboos affect our self-esteem, relationships, lifestyle, and life choices. This production takes a deep look into domestic assault, sexual assault, divorce, and single parent households as it relates to the mental, physical, individual, and collective effects on men, women, children, the performer, and specifically the audience.

The panel dialogue will be facilitated/moderated/hosted by the Rickie Chaffold. The panel dialogue allows real questions to be shared with the audience and explored by the panelist in real time and allows each panelist to share their best practices of overcoming pain, stress, and opportunities that come with surviving their perspective taboos.

The dialogue will result in one of the most enriching and organic healing interactions that an audience will encounter simply because of the platform that is provided to talk about and (finally) address these taboos. This real platform sets up an unforgettable stage for those that are burdened to release pain, heartache, anxiety, stress, and un-forgiveness by unlearning and learning. This will be a powerful group therapy that will help those who choose to release and seek further assistance down the line. More Than A Rib will provide those down the line resources if necessary.

Surviving The mirror is about surviving you, your failures, your successes, your smiles, and your frowns. It’s about identifying beauty in and through your pain. When you look in the mirror it is time to see the superman or superwoman that overcame by overstanding your purpose. The mere fact that you are still standing here ready to show the world that “it “did not get the best of you is a testament to your strength, your resilience, and your future.



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