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Learning from your mistakes

We are in need of new beginnings from old mistakes. New beginnings start with a mindset that one has learned from his mistakes.  Enlightenment also manifest from an energy that radiates from inside out not outside in. It is always good to be a beacon of light versus one who needs light to guide their path 4shared. Mistakes are new found wisdom that can be used to conquer the world.

Nothing comes easy but learning from mistakes can assure that we are on the road to mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and monetary happiness. we are half way there once we realize the benefit in turning the perspective of  learning from mistakes into positive life lessons and new starting points. We should always be looking for new beginnings and these new beginnings should be synonymous with growth.

Lets face it, a lot of us are to busy existing and not busy enough living. Realize its anew day and we have to breath life into our purpose and live the life we are supposed to live by accepting change, overstanding, and incorporating flexibility into our lifestyles. Mistakes are about finding a balance that aligns and syncs you to God’s plan for you.

So many of us live out of sync but once we find it, life affords blessings and clarity that will make our lives heaven on earth. Heaven on earth is what you make it. Your Heaven can represented by peace, money, family, a job and what the job affords or simply your relation with God.  And remember growing pains are just that, growing pains, and the good thing is that they stop as long as you learn from your mistakes and change and act accordingly.

We all can benefit from accepting change before it accepts us. Furthermore, we all can benefit from being proactive with change so that we allow growth versus block it. You do not have to wait, all you have top do is overstand, overcome, and be prepare to be overwhelmed( in a good way) by the overflow of life that you have been missing. Your time is now.

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Jewel of the day

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