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Welcome to More Than A Rib. I am the founder and a true believer that we all deserve a second chance to walk in our purpose and be great.

I found my second chance as I was looking for a way to reinvent my self while providing a service to the community I live in. I was always helping others and giving advice when I started to take my own advice and step out on faith and start the More Than A Rib movement.

I believe that we are all perfectly inperfect and we have to come to terms with the purpose that we are born into. There a lot of people who fail to walk in their purpose because of fear, depression, low self esteem, and other road blocks that challenge us daily.

I am here to tell to that cognitive dissonance will stagnate your process to being great. I am also here to tell you that the law of attraction is very real. We must D.I.V.O.C.R.E people, places, and things to allow our souls to unlearn, overstand, grow, and be happy.

We must continue to invest in ourselves to mold the example of the change we want to see. Then we must make it a deliberate effort to give back to influence the results we desire.

Rick Chaffold wears many hats. He is a leader, author, entrepreneur, change agent, mentor, student, President Management Fellow, and recent recipient of the 2017 Presidential Life Time Achievement Award. Rick is a veteran by way of the Marine Corps and his life has always been about service.

He manages programs like D.O.P.E Mentoring (Developing Opportunities for Personal Enrichment) for at risk boys and girls and Surviving The Mirror helping men and women challenged with daily life opportunities. Rick stresses the D.I.V.O.R.C.E(Discern, Improve, Validate, Organize, Resolve, Create, Educate) of cognitive dissonance and believes that we as an African American people will not begin to flourish until we empower the family unit and that is where his biggest accomplishment, the More Than A Rib movement, was birthed from.

Rick has helped many individuals, families, and organizations fulfill happy mediums of existing through teamwork and role defining. He believes that service is the price you pay to exist on this earth and he is always happy to serve and help anyone reach G.I.A.N.T (Gifted, Innovative, Accountable, Necessary, Tangible) status and improve quality of life. He is releasing the second installment to the More Than a Rib book series called Gentrification of Black Men (3/1/2016) which is about redefining a black man’s thought process so we can navigate life in today’s us against them” society. For more info go to https://www.facebook.com/morethan.arib/about/, or https://www.facebook.com/Rick.BIGRICK.CHAFFOLD

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 Posted on : February 22, 2017